Good Morning/Evening/Whatever Players!

I would like to explain A LOT of stuff that's going to happen here since this is the first time we've done something like this and it will NOT be the last!

I would like to welcome you guys to the post of our FIRST TOURNAMENT on Aeonic Gaming Network!

Some of you are asking why we are doing this, well it wasn't something that I talked to any of the staff about, this was something arranged by me, Collins, himself. So I may engage in a fun time with my players and allow them to enjoy themselves and be prepared for the latest server. There is some... disappointing news however and that is.. I will NOT be opening HaloRP until it is COMPLETELY ready, within the past 2-3 months, we have been working on CloneWarsRP since then and it's still not perfected, this is because I only had limited amount of time to work on the server (at night or early in the morning) so I wouldn't ruin the player immersion, I have been working on HaloRP nonstop on my other Steam account because I didn't want people joining off of me.. So the release date for HaloRP is yet to be confirmed.. I understand a lot of people have been waiting for this but I don't want to deal with issues until further notice. Let's forget about that though and talking about the tournament


You will NOT know details on what we will be doing at all, there will be a separate server I'll be hosting the tournament on with a sequence of events, this tournament will not be hosted on CloneWarsRP or HaloRP but just some random server we'll be using known as our event server. Why go through all this effort, well let me tell you something..

THE PRIZE POOL IS $225!!!!!!

Now that isn't much to MOST servers but thats a hell of an amount for our player base, let me go into detail on how this will work..

The plans for the event will not be given out to anybody, the server that the server will be hosted on will not be available to anybody but me...
Thank you for joining the network,

We made this network so we can spread out several types of different gaming servers across the nation, so that people can enjoy their time playing their favorite game on their favorite network. We plan on having several gaming servers out in the future and keeping the players up to date with whats new on the forums, remember if you have anything that you'd like to ask us about, contact us on the forums or on discord.

Thanks for joining us,
Owner Collins


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